5 Ways Video Can Help

Your Business Return To Work.

1. Provide Clear, Consistent and Frequent Communication

Whether you are returning to a previously shut down premises, or continuing with ‘Work From Home’, or more likely a combination of both, a clear, consistent and frequent system of communication with your people is critical. By creating a video to answer their questions (and there will be a lot of them), you’ll ease their worries from the start. It can also easily be edited as your situation changes, to keep your information fully up to date.



2. Highlight New Safety Measures to Inform and Reassure

Make sure everyone knows exactly what you are doing to keep them safe, from what PPE is required (and you are providing) to new working procedures and workplace layouts. Make sure there are no shocks when they return to the workplace – ensure that temperature check is expected!



3. Introduce New Working Procedures

Returning to work may be an emotional time for many of your people and you will want to ensure their engagement and productivity from the start. Video is perfect to help employees through job transition and development. It provides perfect clarity and can also be used to remind your people of the support and benefits that you offer them.



4. Managing the Balance of Workplace & WFH People

Video talks to everyone in the same way, wherever they are, and provides the same information to all. When you can’t all be together at the same time, video provides the consistent and frequent communication that is needed.



5. Protect Mental Health & Anxiety Issues

There is still fear regarding Covid-19, and also anxiety from new working conditions. Not to mention that people feel nervous about public transport and being out in public. Reassurance and an open culture is needed, proactively supported by video content.



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