6 Reasons Video Is The

Saviour Of Business

1. Video is Versatile

Video allows you to tell the story, aka your message, in the way you want it told, and you can reinforce it by combining various types of video and content.


For example:

• Animation

• Motion Graphics

• Whiteboard

• Demos

• Interactive

• Live Action


Of course, it very much depends on what you are trying to achieve as to what form or blend of video types is best - that’s why it’s so versatile!


Flexible working and hybrid teams will require, well flexibility!!  Video can be viewed and consumed by your audience at their convenience, unlike Zoom meetings, webinars etc, and unlike documents it can’t be speed read or skimmed over, which ensures attention and retention.


Video can be used in conjunction with other forms of media to both enhance and achieve greater results, e.g. PowerPoint presentations (which themselves can be animated to increase engagement), PDF’s, emails, etc.




2. Video is Familiar

Let’s be honest, there isn’t really a direct substitute for face-to-face communication, but video is the closest we can currently achieve (it will be a few more years before we have holograms beaming into our homes!)  After all, we only have 5 senses to work with and sight and hearing are the main ones for communication…


Video is not new to us - it does not feel alien and uncomfortable.  We already understand, trust and enjoy it, consuming huge volumes daily - through TV, on social media and at work.


Pre lockdown, people watched an average of 16 hours of online content per week - a 52% increase in the last 2 years.  So, video is the obvious medium to take on the extra workload that has emerged post Covid-19.




3. Video can be Short & Sharp

A well-constructed video cuts to the chase.  It can make the complex seem simple, and emotive content allows you to compress details and therefore time, making it punchy and easy to recall.


Whether you believe that humans have a shorter attention span than that of a goldfish, or that that stat is just fish food, we humans do click off video very quickly if we’re not instantly engaged - think social media feeds!


Likewise, watching a meeting or webinar replay is logistically possible but, in reality, few people have time to do it - would you?  Therefore, only a small percentage of your workforce receives the messages that matter.  Better to present, or at least recap, as a short, sharp video to guarantee that the message gets through…




4. Video Increases Engagement & Retention Levels

We already know that video has the highest retention and engagement values compared to other forms of media – 95% versus just 10% for text-based comms, but why is that?


Video not only speaks to our brains and intelligence, but it also engages us emotionally - that’s why as a society we consume so much of it.  A picture is worth a thousand words, first impressions count, etc, etc – all clichés, but so for a reason!  Across all the areas of work that can no longer be conducted face-to-face (e.g. conferences, training, product/services demos) video is the only medium that can generate the high levels of retention needed to have meaningful impact.




5. Cost Benefits of Video

Pre Covid-19, the main reason given by those not investing in video for business was the ‘prohibitive’ cost, and a lack of budget.  However, 89% of those that did invest said it gave a good ROI.  Now many companies are considering complete redistribution of their budgets due to new work methods and practices, which opens many possibilities…


a) Swap Some Office Space For Video

For example, increased remote working requires less physical office space, but more remote communications to employees who could be anywhere.  So, I did some calculations.  In Central London, office space per employee can currently cost up to £18,750 per year (presuming 15m2 per person), whereas the cost of a video will be in the region of a few thousand pounds and will reach an entire workforce.  Factor in many videos and the maths is still in their favour… Q.E.D!


b) Swap Some F2F Conferences For Video

Large face-to-face meetings, conferences and workshops are all currently on hold, if ever to return.  But think of the positives.  These events are all hugely expensive to run with hotels, travel, F&B, etc.  However, your employees, clients and guests are now used to interacting remotely, and many will not want to risk close proximity to others at events such as these.  Therefore, redistribute your budget, use video combined with other digital media to achieve a similar result (albeit without the physical bonhomie) and use the substantial amounts of remaining cash for something else...!


Video can be used again and again.  For example, in areas like training and development a set of videos can be used over and over, instead of running expensive courses month after month. Even if delivered as part of a webinar or online module they will bring considerable ROI.


And, if you’re concerned that you’ll need lots of new content to create these videos then fret not! Your existing documentation and content can easily be converted into video.  This new reimagining will greatly increase the reach and engagement of it.  And video is easily editable so it can be kept constantly relevant and to the point.




6. Enhanced Reputation & Trust Through Video

In times of crisis, people turn to what they know and trust, or else they go on word of mouth.  Reputation is more important than the logo and colour scheme of a company. And even before Covid-19, ‘Responsible Business’ was seeing a surge, especially with Generation Z.


One of the most efficient ways to gain a reputation is through video.  Yes, it takes time - building trust always does.  But video can show the ‘human’ side of your business much more effectively than any other form of media.  Don’t tell people, show them!  Whether directly, or as part of existing communication it will promote your good ethics and Covid related business practices.


And once again, I’ll repeat the number 1 rule - clear, consistent business communications is paramount, as it informs and reassures, building trust and enhancing your reputation.

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