‘The future’s bright, the future’s….?’  Do you remember that advertising campaign from the 90’s?


Today we may not think the future’s looking too bright but what it will look, for most businesses, is DIGITAL.  And implemented correctly, that can be very bright indeed!


This article shines a light on ways that digital content can help transform businesses post Covid-19, and what role video, in particular, will have in that.


(It was ‘Orange’, by the way!)

authored by Freddy Aidroos

22nd June 2020


The Digital Face of Business Post Covid-19


A Remote World - The ‘New’ Normal

In the not too distant past, we all went about our business blissfully ignorant of how life was about to change.  Companies held global conferences and events, employees spent hours in meeting rooms (and chatting by the watercooler), salesmen visited their client’s premises, and everybody shook hands!


But post Covid-19, work as both a place and an activity has changed.  Globally, companies are being forced to make wholesale changes to their bricks, bytes and behaviour in a reimagining of work in the future.


From how your products and services are purchased to how you support and manage your people’s motivation and productivity, not to mention their health and wellbeing, are all currently in a state of upheaval.  Large face-to-face meetings, conferences and workshops have been put on hold, if ever to return (why would they, think of the cost for a start – more on that in a later article).  Our definition of work is shifting to a more flexible version – and hybrid models will become the norm.


Many companies intend to keep staff working from home indefinitely, or indeed permanently.  For example, Google and Facebook have announced that staff will work from home until at least the end of 20201, while Twitter has told its employees that they can work from home forever2.  A Gartner survey3  revealed that “post-pandemic, 41% of employees are likely to work remotely at least some of the time.”  At the same time, another survey4 found that 74% of chief financial officers “intend to move at least 5% of their previously on-site workforce to permanently remote positions.”


So, one of the biggest challenges facing companies right now is how to bring a disparate set of people (both staff and clients) together as effective and productive working teams.


A ‘New’ Digital Revolution

In a crisis, communication, or lack of it, can make or break a company.  Clear, consistent business communications with your own people and with your clients is paramount - it informs and reassures.


And, as companies plan to provide a much greater proportion of this communication remotely, new strategies and methods, as well as an immediate increase in technology, are needed. But we should consider this to be a widescale benefit as it will also augment people, collaboration, learning and new ways of work.


The obvious solution is to focus on digital media - it can be created quickly, cheaply and be delivered to your people or clients wherever they are, being fully accessible whenever it suits them.  It also allows you to be agile, as the ability to act early and gain first mover advantage is critical, whilst everyone else is still in flux.


Then, for digital media to become a main tool of your business over the longer term, you will need to ensure that your communication strategy is based around strong, clear and consistent content with an engaging visual style.  This is not just limited to your public face i.e. website, apps and social media, but also the way you do your business itself - presentations to be delivered remotely, sales to be delivered remotely, workshops to be delivered remotely, training to be delivered remotely…  Get the picture?


As we transform our existing business models into their ‘new norm’ the two driving features are digital media and remote delivery.  To be more precise, remote delivery of digital media…  We have to redesign work for its new environment and create safe, inclusive, productive, digitally connected work experiences that motivate and engage.


If you read my last article on ‘The Return to Work Post Covid-19’ you will already know that

only one digital medium provides the high engagement and retention levels that face-to-face communication does… Video!


The Power of Video

There are many ways to share information - presentations, meetings, articles, blogs, infographics, social media posts, the list goes on…. But video doesn’t just tell people things, it shows them.


Video, on average, scores 95% retention rates versus just 10% for text-based comms5.  But how that video is used will make all the difference to businesses as they transform into their new working identities.


Even before the pandemic hit, 86% of consumers wanted to see more videos from businesses in 20206.  But now, video has become even more important when used internally within a company, without losing any of its external impact.




The Future...

None of us has a crystal ball, and the one thing we have learnt over the last year or two (remember the B-word*, almost forgotten as we all focus on the C-word!) is that we can’t predict with any certainty what the future holds.


But in the short to medium term, the ability to create powerful digital content, engage your audience with emotive stories and motivate them with vibrant media may well determine how well your business succeeds in the future…


(*Yes, that old chestnut Brexit!!)




At Under the Rooftops we create content, stories and media to help your business communicate.  And in times of crisis we know how important that is.


Coming from the world of intelligent documentary TV production, you’d expect us to be experts in video - and we are (ahem, blush…)  We also always think of the bigger picture and will provide you with corresponding support media – be it social media stings/promos, checklists, cheat sheets, etc.  It’s all part of the service….


And we know that money is tight right now for everyone, and although we can’t give you our experience, we can pass on our knowledge and teach you how to do it yourself.  We’re very happy to design a simple, cost effective lesson for you - just ask.





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